Introducing GoCar Garage Breakdown Buddy, Your Emergency Roadside Assistant

Hey GoCar Fam, exciting news! We’re rolling out our “GoCar Garage Breakdown Buddy,” roadside assistance program your new best friend on the road. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s awesome:

What's Included In Breakdown Buddy?

Unlimited Towing Service

Free towing up to 450km* (unlimited number of times in a year) to the nearest GoCar Garage. 

*KM based on two way travel.

Roadside Rescue

Stuck with a flat tyre or locked keys in the car? We got your back with 2 hours of free roadside help (parts not included)

FREE Oil Change

Enjoy FREE 1 x TotalEnergies oil change & save up to RM120. Yep, you read that right—FREE! Package includes TotalEnergies Mineral Oil, with the option to upgrade to Semi-Synthetic and Fully Synthetic packages.

Replacement Car

Need wheels while we fix yours? Get a free 1 Day GoCar Sharing (worth RM139) with a minimum 3-day booking or more.

Breakdowns don’t follow a schedule. Keys locked, tires flat, or the battery saying bye-bye – Breakdown Buddy turns everyday oops moments into easy fixes. 


If you’re reading this and in the midst of a car breakdown, don’t wait! Call us at 1300-30-2633 to activate Breakdown Buddy – your instant roadside rescue. We’re here to turn your car troubles into a worry-free ride.

And if you’re reading this, thinking about future protection for your car, don’t hesitate either! Call our hotline, and ensure your journey is shielded with Breakdown Buddy. Because every car deserves a hero by its side! 

Questions? Here's some answers.

It take about 15 – 30 minutes to activate your Breakdown Buddy subscription. To sign up for Breakdown Buddy, here are the steps:
1 – Call us at 1300-30-2633

2 – Our team will help you register for your Breakdown Buddy service and set up profile

3 – Almost there! Make your payment of RM199 to complete your Breakdown Buddy service purchase and you will be confirmed as an approved Breakdown Buddy member after verification.

You will need to make a payment of RM199, and this includes the following benefits:
1 – Unlimited round trip towing service up to 450km to the nearest GoCar Garage partner

2 – Emergency roadside rescue

3- FREE 1x TotalEnergies oil change & save up to RM120

4 – FREE 1 Day GoCar Sharing with minimum 3 day booking or more

We are partnering with Allianz, and from the time we assist to contact our breakdown partner – it should take about 1 hour for towing services to arrive. Take note that this may vary depending on traffic conditions and location.

We cover all brands and makes, however it is limited to vehicles which are manufactured 2004 and newer.

Once you have signed up, we will send you the promo code to utilse within 3 working days. Please check your email.

The RM199 fee covers 1 year period, and it is activated the day you may your payment.

Just contact our team at 1300-30-2633. They are available 24/7.

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