Prepare Your Car For Rainy Season & Grab The Package Only RM150!

Hey there, fellow drivers! As we all know, Malaysia’s rainy season can be quite a challenge for our vehicles. The wet roads, reduced visibility, and slippery conditions demand a little extra care for our beloved cars. GoCar Garage is rolling out Monsoon Service Package for just RM150. This promotion deal includes everything your car needs to stay safe and reliable in wet weather.

DOT 4 Brake Fluid Change

DOT 4 brake fluid’s moisture resistance prevents brake fade and maintains braking efficiency. Changing your brake fluid ensures they respond swiftly and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents when you need to stop suddenly.

Brake Cleaning

Clean brakes mean better braking performance. Removing dirt, grime, and brake dust ensures your brakes grip effectively, even in the rain. It’s your insurance against slippery situations.

Tyre Inspection

Tyres are your car’s shoes, especially in the rain. Our tyre inspection looks for wear and tear, checks tire pressure, and ensures proper alignment. This means better traction and control on wet roads, reducing the chances of hydroplaning.

2pcs Wipers

Rain and poor visibility are a hazardous combo. Fresh wiper blades are like a clear window to the world. They whisk away raindrops, ensuring you see what’s ahead clearly, enhancing your safety.

To keep you prepared for unexpected downpours, we’re also offering a complimentary umbrella with every Rainy Day Deals. Redeem it when you bring your car to any participating garages for service.

The rainy season is on its way. Get your car ready with GoCar Garage’s Rainy Day Deals. Book today, and let us handle the rest.


1.GoCar Garage Rainy Deals package includes the following services:

2. GoCar Garage Rainy Deals is only for bookings made from 10th October 2023 – 31st December 2023 (“Campaign Period”) capped at the first 150 bookings via: 

a. GoCar mobile app (“App”) or GoCar Garage website at (“Website”) Redemption period: 10th October 2023 – 31st January 2024.

b. GoCar Shopee Store at (“GoCar Shopee”)

3. Redemptions can only be made at participating GoCar Garage Partners (“Partner Garages”) as point 5

4. In the event the vehicle wipers are not due for replacement or not suitable for your vehicle, the wipers which form a part of this campaign will be provided to you.

5. The Partner Garages that are participate in this Campaign are as follows:

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