Extending the Life of Your Wipers

In rainy Malaysia, sometimes the most useful feature of your car are your wipers. 

While wipers are a wear & tear item, there are ways to extend their life to get the most out of a set as possible. How? Read on to find out.


When your front windscreen (and rear, for those who have rear wipers) aren’t clean, your wipers will be forced over the dirt which could damage the rubber – not to mention drag the dirt over your windscreen and create shallow scratches. Even if you don’t have time to regularly wash your car, give the windscreens a clean the next time you fill up fuel.


If you have to leave your car under the elements for prolonged periods of time, lift up your wipers. Your windscreen can get very hot in the heat, which can degrade your wipers prematurely and cause them to become hard and brittle. Also, wipers will trap leaves, stones and other debris which could also cause damage.


If there’s dirt or contaminants, either in solid or liquid form, on your windscreen and you need some visibility, make sure to spray your wiper fluid so that the soap can help remove the dirt. Oily substances will be broken down by the wiper fluid and thus easier to wash off, while the slippery effect from the wiper fluid will help to push away dirt.

There you have it. Take care of your wipers, and they will take care of you when the rain starts to pour.

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