No clue on your car tyre size? We got you!

You’re shopping around for tyres, and you get the Golden Question: What is your tyre size, boss?

And you have no idea.

Checking your tyre size is easy, just ask your tyre! On your tyre sidewell, you will find a set of numbers as per the picture below:

For example: 245/40R18

The first three digits represent the width of your tyre, while the fourth and fifth digits after the forward slash represent the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width. Finally, R followed by the two digits denotes the rim size.

Most of the time, the best thing to do would be to follow exactly the manufacturer’s recommended specifications and choose the tyre that best fits your budget.

If you’re driving an SUV, you may have to additionally choose between H/T, A/T and M/T which denote Highway Terrain, All Terrain and Mud Terrain respectively. Most SUV owners have no need for M/T tyres as these are specialised tyres for off-roading, therefore it is recommended to choose between H/T or A/T tyres.

You can now call your preferred tyre shop back and tell them your tyre size, or just browse our selection of tyre shops on GoCar Garage for the best service at attractive prices.

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