How To Fill Air In Your Tyres

Are your tyres looking a little deflated, like your motivation to work on a Monday morning? It may be time to pump them up.

The best place in Malaysia to fill your tyres are petrol stations. 😜

Tips to Fill Air In Your Tyres

Once you have safely parked in a designated tyre-filling area, turn off your car engine and step outside. Look for the recommended tyre pressure which can be found on a sticker either on the inside of your fuel cover or along one of the door frames.

Set the tyre pressure on the air compressor accordingly and fill up your tyres one at a time, making sure that you have the correct unit of measurement – either kPa or psi.

Open a tyre valve cap which will be sticking out of the rim, and press the hose firmly on the valve. When the desired pressure has been achieved, the meter should start beeping. Move on until you have filled all four tyres and remember to cover each valve with the valve caps once again tightly.

Check out the video below to know more about the steps for fill air in your tyres!

As a top tip, try to fill your tyres when you start your journey, especially before a long drive. When your tyres are still cold, the air within them won’t have expanded so much and give you a false pressure reading.

GoCar Garage recommends filling your tyres once every two weeks. If you find that one or more of your tyres is losing air faster than usual, you may have a slow leak which may need to be plugged at a tyre shop. Browse our tyre shop partners on GoCar Garage for a checkup!

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