Experience Diesel Oil Change with RUBIA by TotalEnergies

We are happy to announce Total Rubia diesel engine oil is now available at GoCar Garage. Here’s the reason why you should book your car service appointment for your pickup trucks or SUV using Total Rubia.

Engine Oil Technology Approved by Truck Manufacturers

Rubia products are tested and approved more than 200 times by Major Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers. These product approvals are the guarantee certificates proving that Rubia products are 100% compatible with the engine technology of the related manufacturers.

TotalEnergies increases uptime and lower maintenance costs. Rubia premium engine oil range, tested in real world conditions during fleet tests and approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers, and its Anac Fleet Management System, based on used oil analysis supported by its technical services team on the field. TotalEnergies develops tailor-made lubricants in its state of art R&D center in France. Products are developed in close collaboration with heavy vehicle manufacturers in order to match their sophisticated and most demanding technical requirements.

Why Choose Rubia?

Engine Longevity: Protection against mechanical wear

Rubia products are developed with special molecules forming a strong film over metal  surfaces, reducing mechanical wear in the presence of high pressure and extreme temperatures, improving engine longevity.

Longer oil change intervals: Resistance againts oxidation

Synthetic base oils with outstanding anti-oxidant additives increase Rubia products’ resistance
to oxidation, even under extreme temperatures,
thus extending oil drain intervals


Smoother and efficient engines: Better engine cleanliness

Rubia’s advanced active molecules prevent formation of harmful deposits by keeping them dispersed. The products improve the longevity of the engine and make it run in a smoother and more efficient way.

Lower Oil Consumption: Better wear protection and engine cleanliness

Rubia products with special anti-wear additives minimize the amount of engine oil entering the combustion chamber and, by that, reduce oil consumption.

Fuel economy properties: Excellent protection even with low viscosities

Engine oils can provide Fuel Economy gains via viscosity control and friction reduction. Lowering lubricant’s viscosity reduces the overall friction in the engine, delivering Fuel Economy benefits. Rubia FE range is approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers for use in their engines to achieve their FE targets.

Equipment Longevity, reduced maintenance costs: Compatibility with exhaust gas after treatment systems

With their “low-SAPS” (low sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) technology, Rubia products prevent the clogging of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and protect diesel engines equipped with post-treatment systems, reducing
maintenance costs and protecting the environment.

Premium Diesel Engine Service Packages from RM198*

GoCar Garage Total Rubia Service Package as follow:

Premium Semi Package (Diesel Engines)

*Service Package include 5L semi-synthetic oil (diesel engines), diesel filter (surcharge for Euro cars), drain washer & labour.

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